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Light Transmission 

anti-reflective glass with an optical in


A rule of thumb states ‘1% hemispherical light transmission increase, leads to a 1% increase in yield’. We’ve taken that rule and added some precision to it. 

Our iyris Advanced Desert Greenhouses solutions integrate a range of glazing solutions so that we can enhance not only the quantity of light but also the quality.


These solutions include anti-reflective and diffusive coatings ensuring the highest amount of quality light reaches your plants.  


Depending on the location - backed up by in-field and satellite data - we select our most optimal glass and framing structure to give improved yields and healthy plants.

PAR Optimisation

The rows of young plants growing in the


Not all light is created equal. Some wavelengths of light are better utilised by plants and plants use different wavelengths for different processes. 


Our iyris Advanced Desert Greenhouses products have been designed in collaboration with plant scientists and expert growers to develop a range of solutions to meet plant needs. 


These solutions use advanced optics methods - from the laser and optoelectronics fields - to precisely convert wasted light and deploy it directly where it is most beneficial.

Energy Efficiency



The biggest expense of any desert greenhouse is the energy input needed to grow crops. 

Our iyris Advanced Desert Greenhouses move away from the traditional greenhouse reliance on oil to truly sustainable solutions.


These solutions include our proprietary integrated energy saving glass and our multi-patented electricity producing PowerGlass.

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